Integrated Communication System (ICS)/ Radio Gateway– One of the biggest pain areas of the armed forces, be it the defence or the paramilitary forces, is the interoperability between various communication media/protocols. Our years of research has resulted in a powerful integrated communication platform, which offers complete interoperability and has the ability to work with various communication protocols and media of operation. Radio sets operating on HF/VHF/UHF can communicate between themselves and also with landlines, GSM/CDMA, IP phones.VCCS


It can integrate with existing EPABX systems using E1-PRI. It has the capability to establish a captive GSM (3G)/LTE network or W-CDMA network (as required by the agency) and can also be integrated with V-SAT seamlessly. Its in-built float cum boost charger (FCBC) ensures that the input supply can vary between 12V/24V/48V, thereby adding to the flexibility. It is frequency / protocol and media independent which makes it a versatile communication hub for many command and control applications. Ruggedisation as per JSS 55555 standards also ensures its functionality even in the toughest of the terrains. It is completely flexible in its configuration and can be very quickly set up in the field in any terrain.

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