We believe that the road to achieving complete customer satisfaction is not only having good suppliers, but also sustaining high standards of quality. In Elcom, this is achieved with training, feedback and continuous improvement. We buy a wide range of equipment, material, components and services that contribute to our products and services for our customers. This is apart from the routine supplies like office supplies, consultancy, office automation solution etc..


ELCOM takes a partnership approach to suppliers in an effort to improve the overall quality of the raw material at the most cost effective price. Consequently, ELCOM will:

  • Seek continuous improvement on the part of suppliers within the areas of development and delivery. If suppliers fail to comply with the standards, ELCOM’s general policy is to encourage improvement, not to terminate the contract.
  • Welcome rather than penalise suppliers by identifying activities that do not measure up to these standards (by themselves or with sub-contractors) and who agree to pursue improvements.
  • Consider a similar ethical trading standard as a reasonable alternative if suppliers are already working to achieve similar standards.

We expect our suppliers to comply with local legislation and to meet the same or equivalent standards as Elcom on issues ranging from ethical conduct to health and safety and apply those standards in their own supply chains.


We assess compliance during the supplier selection process and at regular intervals for high-risk suppliers. If we identify any issues or gaps in their approach, we try to work with our suppliers to improve their standards. In the unlikely event that a supplier is unable or unwilling to improve their performance, we have the option of terminating their contract and preventing them from participating infuture tenders.


We have guidelines to help our procurement teams to identify potential reputational and financial risks associated with suppliers and to manage them during each stage of a project’s life cycle.


In case you wish to associate with Elcom and feel that you can make the difference, please fill in the Supplier Registration Form and we shall get back to you.