Tactical Switch for European Client

  • Designed and supplied product compliant to Water Immersion test up to 1 meter
  • User Interfaces as per NATO standard
  • Ruggedization as per MIL STD 810F
  • EMI / EMC Compliance as per MIL STD 461 D/E
  • Documentation as per European MIL standards
Tactical Field Exchange for Army

  • Designed and supplied State-of-the-art Ruggedized switch
  • JSS 55555 compliant
  • Ethernet over E1 Mapping
  • EMI / EMC Compliance as per MIL STD 461 E
  • Auto selectable 48/24/12VDC Battery option
  • Inducted after extensive field trials & Para-drop tests
Ruggedized Tactical Phones for Army

  • Bulk production 15000 phones
  • Handles Magneto / Analog and Radio connectivity
  • Ruggedization as per JSS 55555 MIL STD
  • Approved by DGQA / CQAL