1. Embedded Software, Hardware/Software tradeoff analysis to optimize cost and efficiency
    2. Requirement analysis and embedded software architecture design
    3. Software systems for Network Management Systems to manage equipment
    4. Processors: PowerPC and Freescale Power Quicc, x86, ARM, TI DSPxx, MIPS
    5. Operating Systems: Linux, Embedded Linux, Windows CE, and others RTOS like QUADROS, QNX, Nucleus
    6. Development Platforms: GNU compiler collections, IAR Work Bench, Wind River Tornado, Green Hills, Microsoft Visual C++ , C#, V Basic and Java
    7. In-Circuit emulators and JTAG debug probes
    8. Languages: C, and assembly language for embedded systems supported by Perl, Python, Ruby and Java for build automation, PHP/MySQL/java script for web based applications
    9. FPGA: C to VHDL (Catapult)
    10. DO standard verification (LDRA)