Mini Mobile Communications Pack

Natural and man-made disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, plane crashes, high-rise building collapses, or major nuclear facility malfunctions, pose an ever-present challenge to public emergency services. Police, fire departments, public health, special forces, military, para-military and other organizations have to react not only MMCPefficiently and individually, but also in a coordinated manner. This results in the need for both intra and inter organization coordination. Since coordination requires communication upstream and downstream within and between organizations in real-time. The need arises for an integrated communication and information system for disaster management that provides efficient, reliable and secure exchange of voice, video and data. To achieve effective communication, Mini Mobile Communication Pack (MMCP) has timely coverage, redundancy, and seamless meshing of new and existing telecommunication infrastructure  along with  HF/VHF/UHF radio’s,  3G subscriber, Broadband IP radio subscribers,  IP Phone users and  VSAT subscribers


MMCP provides assured multi services of audio, video and data augmented with GIS-based value-added information to the various stakeholders. This is the communication node connected at the last mile and operating in a tactical environment.



  • Disaster Management (DM) for Emergency Operation Centers (EOC’s).
  • NDRF Battalions with Mobile Emergency Operation Centers (MEOC’s).
  • Accident Relief Train.
  • Special Operations and counter insurgency.

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