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MG3061 is a cost effective VoIP media Gateway designed to interface between the TDM and IP networks in enterprises. MG3061 is an intelligent, feature rich system which allows seamless connectivity between the IP and PSTN networks through FXS, FXO & E1/PRI ports. Its superior capabilities ensures better speech quality and faster processing. MG3061 provides local survivability in the event of external network failures. MG3061 VoIP media gateway can be deployed to connect enterprise legacy PBX systems over an IP infrastructure. In addition, it can be deployed in hosted communications and centralized IP-PBX applications.

MG3061 is a modular system which provides a high grade scalability up to 120 ports in a single system.



• Scalable up to 120 TDM ports
• Supports multiple type of TDM interfaces (FXS / FXO / PRI)
• Modular architecture for easy scalability
• Toll grade voice compression
• Echo cancellation, Jitter Buffer, VAD and CNG
• Complies with latest version (RFC3261) SIP protocols
• Enhanced capabilities which include MWI, metering tones
• Best suitable for SIP based hosted communications and centralized IP-PBX applications.
• Easy configuration and installation
• Supports all standards telephony features such as Call Hold, Call Transfer, Message Wait Lamp, Call
• Waiting, Do not disturb, Caller Id presentation.


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