1. Manufacturing
    1. Well-defined Manufacturing Processes as per AS 9100 C.
    2. In-House Capabilities in:

        a. Industrial and Military Design and Development
        b. Ruggedisation, Prototyping and Bulk Production
        c. Testing and Certification
        d. Environmental and Ruggedisation testing facilities as per JS 55555 MIL STD 810F

    1. Sensitive to customer timelines, quality requirements and cost targets
  1. Assembly Operation
    1. PCB Assembly
    2. Cabling, routing and writing
    3. Building complete Assemblies and Systems
    4. Quality processes as per Standard IPC 610F, Class-II
  1. Sourcing of Components
    1. Electrical and Electronic parts (PCBs, Chips, Discrete Electronic Components, Switches, Connectors, Cables, etc.)
    2. Mechanics (Casting, Forgings, Sheet Metaling, etc.)