Homeland Security

Video Management Services (VMS) – Elcom has partnered with TELESTE, which is one of the best global entities in the domain of CCTV based Video Management Services (VMS). Teleste has executed more than 130 VMS projects globally, including the Paris Safe City project, as well as projects in rail metros, railways, airports and roads & highways. Teleste’s key Solutions and Projects:

    • Video Management
    • Mobile Network
    • End-to-end Rail solution

For more details please view here https://www.teleste.com/video-security-and-information


Surveillance Radars – Battlefield Surveillance Radars (BFSR) with capability of Gun Shot Detection (GDS) working on S-Band. Can be effectively deployed at border being manned by BSF, ITBP and SSB. Can detect human, gun shots, projectiles, RPG, heavy artillery. UAVs, etc., up to a distance of 40 Kms.


Mine protected Vehicles – Can withstand up to 20 Kgs of explosive under the wheel and 14 Kgs under the belly. Capable of deflecting the blast waves and various internal safety features.


Unattended ground sensors – Various ground sensor packages such as unobtrusive multi-purpose sensors


HF Direction finder (EW equipment) – Modular and scalable EW eqpt for interception and Geolocation tactical communications. Both Man-pack and Vehicle Mounted versions available for ES & EA, with range from 1 Mhz. to 3 Ghz., 50 RMS accuracy along with Jamming capability. Can be used by Special Forces such as NSG during operations. Can also be effective for naxal operations and CI Ops. Also useful for Intelligence agency for interception, jamming and counter attack.


Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) Jammers – Man portable and Vehicle mounted software defined RCIED Jammers with a jamming range of 20 Mhz to 2.5 Ghz including UMTS (3G) and 2.4 Ghz ISM Devices, as well as Satellite phones. Effective for security agencies such as SPG, NSG, commando units protecting VVIPs. Can also be used effectively in militancy ad naxal prone areas where IEDs are beings used against the forces


Mobile V-SAT Terminal (MSAT) – Mobile Satellite Communication Terminal (SATCOM), in Ku-Band easily deployable in tactical field areas or Disaster Sites for backhaul with bandwidth upto 8 Mbps, for transmission of Voice, Data and Video. Very effective in field areas where instant communication needs to be established with force Hqrs. Also immensely useful for disaster response and emergency during complete breakdown of communication