In the conduct of ELCOM’s business and in our personal dealings that affect ELCOM’s business, we abide by the principles of honesty, transparency and doing what is right and fair. In a very real and deep sense, these are the principles that must guide the behavior of every ELCOM-ite at all times.


In many situations, the organization lays down rules, processes, procedures and protocols that can guide us. In case of an unprecedented situation where these do not exist, we must use fair judgment in the spirit of the principles by which we abide.


When we are in doubt about the correct thing to do in any particular situation, our obligation is to actively seek the help of others, such as our immediate senior, our mentors or team leaders. When we find ourselves in moments of controversy or conflict, our obligation is to do what is right and not what is convenient. At any time, our personal conduct must be able to stand up to the most intense public scrutiny without causing us embarrassment. This, then, constitutes our sense of what Integrity is.


If a breach of Integrity occurs, ELCOM will treat it as a black and white issue. We will not look at a breach of Integrity in shades of grey. A breach of Integrity violates our Values and people who lose their Integrity cease to be an ‘ELCOM-ite’. It makes no difference who is involved or what is at stake because this is the bedrock of our existence and the whole basis of an open and transparent organization.