EMS Solution

Pick N Place Siemens – D2-I


The SIPLACE D2 is equipped with

two gantries for speed and flexibility.

Component Size  :01005 – 27 x 27 mm

Two 12-Nozzle Collect & Place Heads

Accuracy up to 50 μm at 3 Sigma

Through put:  31,K per hr

Feeders: 90 – 8 mm feeders
Fine Pitch Placer Siemens –D1-i


Single-gantry solution the new SIPLACE D1/D1s placement machines is equipped with one placement head (as SIPLACE


Component Size : 01005 – 200 x 125 mm

Accuracy up to 30 μm at 3 Sigma

Throughput : 15 K per Hr.

Feeders :57 feeders 28 trays.



Vitronics Reflow Oven


  • High quality and reliability 9 top and Bottom heaters.
  • 3 Cooling Zone.
  • Full nitrogen with excellent performance
  • Board tracking system
  • Auto chain lubrication system
  • Fan speed control in two groups Soak/reflow)
  • Computer controlled width adjustment
  • Precise controlled cooling
  • Control accuracy at +/-1°C
  • Convection motors and heater

XP-243 -Fine Pitch components Placer


  • All the fine Pitch Components BGA, QFN. PLCC placed by this machine.
  • This machine can handle Tray, stick, tape components .
  • Accuracy and repeatability is good.
  • It can Handle 0603 to 50mm x 150mm size components with accuracy.
  • Throughput – 6.5K per Hr.
  • feeders Capacity :
  • 50 nos – 8 mm feeders,
  • 20 tray feeders.



CP-6  High speed chip shooter

Throughput – 40k comp per Hr.
Less time for changeover due to 2 device tables
Table Height adjustment made easy
Board Size:
Min.- 80mm x 50mm (3” x 2”)
Max.- 457mm x 356mm (18”x14”)
Thickness – 0.8 – 4 mm
140 8mm feeders/ different components.
Can be use up to 32mm feeders.
Orbotech -AOI


SEHO wave soldering machine.


Manual Insertion


  • Manual insertion and soldering lines have fully skilled manpower with experience of 20 years+ with work force of more than 100 people.
  • Three Manual soldering and assembly lines.
  • Manual insertion line with wave soldering machine