Computer Aided Despatch – CADs ( Dial 100)

The Dial 100 solution, based on our advanced IP based Voice Command & Control System (VCCS) is used extensively by the state police across the country. It facilitates the call taking and dispatch operation for the police control room operators (PCR) in an IP based client-server architecture. This application is specifically designed for PCR operators in order to facilitate the quick and rapid response to the incoming emergency calls from the citizens. The CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch, a third party solution) application facilitates the management of emergency procedures for the control room operators. A typical Dial 100 solution automates all th aspects of the events, like:

  • Call taking and classification
  • Dispatching
  • Events Monitoring*
  • Reporting and Statistical Analysis*
  • Automatic Police Patrol Vehicle tracking*
  • CCTV Integration with GIS*
  • GIS Integration with Communication System


The VCCS is a very powerful platform that not only integrates all types of legacy connectivities, but also radios like HF, UHF, VHF, Tetra. The VCCS serves to provide a dial transfer voice among normal analog phones, GSM/CDMA, VoIP phones, radios and various other voice terminals and interfaces as shown in figure 1. The voice communication system typically consists of following components;

  • VCCS ( IP Based Voice Command and Control System)
  • Operator Console.
  • IP based Voice Logger.
  • Call billing software.
  • AMS – ACD Management Software.
  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response System


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